The Velda Mausoleum is the dungeon located in the Raki Dunes and is the second one encountered in the game. Its entrance is located in Shura Sands: Deathscape and costs 45 AP to travel to any of its floors. This dungeon is known for its double floor puzzles and fire/blindness traps.

Monsters Encountered

Floor B1Edit

Velda Mausoleum- B1

The minimap of Velda B1.

Floor B2Edit

Velda Mausoleum- B2

The minimap of Velda B2.

Floor B3Edit

Velda Mausoleum- B3

The minimap of Velda B3. Note that the top and bottom areas are not connected. The upper area is entered through B2.

The third floor is the first floor to contain two different areas on the same level. One area requires entry via B2, while the other can be entered through direct travel.

Floor B4Edit

Velda Mausoleum- B4

The minimap of Velda B4. The green exits on the sides lead to the alternate area of B5.

Floor B5Edit

Velda Mausoleum- B5

The minimap of Velda B5. Note that the top area is entered through the previous floor.

This floor also contains two different areas, where one requires entry through B4. The alternate section is known for its countless spray traps. This floor has some of the most difficult find missions, as the items could be in either area, requiring the player to explore for longer periods of time.

Floor B6Edit

Velda Mausoleum- B6

The minimap of Velda B6. The map is empty after defeating the boss.

The final floor contains the Chimera boss. After defeating it, this floor becomes empty except for a warp orb.