Shura Sands- Old Royal Garden

A minimap of Shura Sands: Old Royal Garden.

The Old Royal Gardens is the first map of the desert area in the game. It costs 30 AP to travel to and is directly linked to the castle. Heading north takes you to Shura Sands: Raki Dunes.

Monsters Encountered
  • The Sound Of Bells, Mischievous Bells, For Whom The Bell Tolls (Defeat 1, 3, then 5 Flame Demons)
  • Sharp Fangs, Shredding Claws, March of the Hounds (Defeat 1, 3, then 5 Flame Hounds)
  • Cynthia Gone Again (Find Mission)
  • A Leafy Plant (Find Mission)
  • Guild Request (Find Mission)
  • Scary Fruit (Find Mission)