This is a Find mission which takes place in Elna Plains: Malns Hills. This mission requires you to search for a receipt for a pot, which a girl lost after buying the pot but later realizing that she wants to return it. The receipt is located at the northern side of the field, to the right of the Gaia Ruins entrance and below the ledge that the entrance is on. The possible monsters that can be encountered are Blue LizardsGremlins , and Flying Swords (and Dragons if you have already finished the mission Sister's Momento).

Description from mission log:

"Target: Search for the Pot Receipt at Elna Plains: Malns Hills.

Requested By Sullen Girl Esto

I bought a pot but now I want to return it. Unfortunately, I lost the receipt...Could you please go and look for it?"


  • 160 coins
  • 5 Rank Points