This is a Find mission. It takes place in Elna Plains: Malns Hills and in this mission, you are acting as an assistant to someone named Broke PI Salvatore. According to the mission log, he feels hungry so the first thing he does is send you out to get some meat...Is that even what an assistant does? Anyway, the meat is found at the north-west corner of the field, on the ledge to the right of the entrance to Elna Plains: Glene Scar. The possible monsters that can be encountered are Blue LizardsGremlins , and Flying Swords (and Dragons if you have already finished the mission Sister's Momento).

Description from mission log:

"Target: Get some Fresh Beast Meat from Elna Plains: Malns Hills.

Requested By Broke PI Salvatore

I want to take you on as my personal assistant. I'm starving, so your first job is to bring me something to eat."


  • 160 coins
  • 5 Rank Points