Gaia Ruins Snapshot

The Gaia Ruins is the first dungeon explored in the game. The entrance can be found in Elna Plains: Malns Hills. As with all dungeons, Gaia Ruins consists of six floors, with the last one containing a boss. (In this case, the Dragon is the boss on the final floor.)

Monsters Encountered

Floor B1Edit

Gaia Ruins- B1

The minimap of Gaia Ruins B1.

The first floor of the Gaia Ruins consists of a set of easily navigable corridors. The first arrow traps, swinging axes, and poison floors are encountered here and are easily avoidable.


Floor B2Edit

Gaia Ruins- B2

The minimap of Gaia Ruins B2.

This floor contains a slightly more complex puzzle as there are more arrow traps and platform edges to fall off of, requiring you to take a longer route.

  • Popped Button (Find Mission)
  • The Ultimate Meal I (Find Mission)
  • Find The Masterpiece (Find Mission)

Floor B3Edit

Gaia Ruins- B3

The minimap of Gaia Ruins B3.

This is the first floor to contain a Mimic, which are treasure chests that are monsters in disguise. While there are still no closely linked levels, it is much harder to navigate through than B2 due to multiple fall-offs and arrow traps. (Though it is still possible to pass this floor without a map.)

  • A Rare Breed, Ecology Study, Law of Nature (Defeat 1, 3, then 5 Green Lizards)
  • Art Is Confusing (Find Mission)
  • PI's Assistant II (Find Mission)
  • Chasing a Cheater IV (Find Mission)

Floor B4Edit

Gaia Ruins- B4

The minimap of Gaia Ruins B4. There is one inaccuracy in this map as it fails to document some of the actual paths. (Refer to the trap diagrams.)

The fourth floor of the ruins has more deadly traps, including more numerous falling axes. Most of the outer corridors fall back to the center ring where the player starts.

  • A Simple Savage, A Simple Tribe, A Simple Army (Defeat 1, 3, then 5 Orc Battlers)
  • Rock Crusher, Rock! Rock! Rock!, Rock Army (Defeat 1, 3, then 5 Stone Golems)
  • Acquiring Blue Makeup (Find Mission)
  • Chasing a Cheater V (Find Mission)

Floor B5Edit

Gaia Ruins- B5

The minimap of Gaia Ruins B5.

This floor is the most complex floor in the Gaia Ruins, consisting of multiple linked corridors. Even though there are not as many deadly traps as the previous floor, this floor is more deceivingly complex and is easy to get lost (or run around in circles) in.

  • Acquiring Green Makeup (Find Mission)
  • Treasure Hunting (Find Mission)

Floor B6Edit

Gaia Ruins- B6

The minimap of Gaia Ruins B6. (The map is empty after defeating the dragon.)

The final floor consists of a single room where the Dragon boss is first encountered. After defeating the dragon, the floor will be empty when returned to.

Main Mission

Floor Trap DiagramsEdit

Floor Item DiagramsEdit