1. Question: What do I do with the items that I find on Monsters that are not curing items?
    • Answer: Currently, these items should be sold for Coin. See the Monsters page in order to find out which monsters drop what items.
  2. Question: What is the max level that an item can be upgraded too?
    • Answer: The max weapon or armor level is 100.
  3. Question: What is the max rarity that a piece of equipment can have?
    • Answer: Currently, the max gear rarity is 8 stars.
  4. Question: In the 2nd chapter of the Main Mission where I need to find Arc, where is he?
    • Answer: You are in the wrong area.  You need to go further and proceed into the next area (Elna Plains: Glene Scar) to find him. (As stated in the quest dialogue.)
  5. Question: Why do I keep getting different amounts of exp for killing the same type of monster?
    • Answer: Monsters offer an amount of experience relative to the monster name and the monster's level. Each time you load a map (be it from changing maps or reloading the game) it will randomly select the location and levels for each monster that can spawn on that map.  If you reload the game in the middle of combat, the level of that monster will be the same each time, but all other copies of that monster on the map will have a new level. An exp chart will be created for all levels for any given monster soon.
  6. Question: I heard a rumor that this game is shutting down!!! Is that true!?!?
    • Answer: The game is confirmed to be shutting down this late September. Hopefully, this game will reemerge some time in the future.