Welcome to Wiki Activity!

This is a Wikia dedicated to sharing information about the game, Cross Horizon.

Currently, we are trying to get more articles about the game and fill out any area of the game we do not have yet. Feel free to give us a shout if you think there is something that should be added or if you feel creative, create the article yourself! You may feel free to join in the wiki contributing, although we will still be keeping an eye on you guys to make sure that you keep it clean!

Current Projects and Areas Requiring Help

As of right now, the wiki is still fairly empty so we need a lot of help adding details on missions, and possibly also adding in descriptions for some of the features in the game. There are many things about the Black Market that have not been put up yet and we would really appreciate it if someone could maybe add a chart or something of that sort to show the different draws and the draw rate.

It would also help a lot if people could go go through the current articles and check through for any grammar mistakes or incorrect information. If you do find something and decide to fix it, please type down your reason or the mistake in the Summary box before you publish the edit.


Congratulations to Skyachii and Cappycot for being appointed admins! Now that there are admins up and running, we will be busy editing, contributing, and cleaning up the wikia. But that doesn't mean that they still can't help you. Feel free to post a comment or a question on either of their Message Walls.

This Wikia is growing a lot and it has great potential. Keep up the good work everyone and let's build a marvellous Cross Horizon Wikia community together! ^^