This is a Find mission. It is unlocked after you complete the mission Chasing A Cheater I. It is requested by the same person, asking you to find more proof. This time, it takes place in Elna Plains: Malns Hills and the proof you are to find are Large High Heels. The location of the proof is right in the middle of the field, right in front of you when you enter the field. The possible monsters that can be encountered are Blue LizardsGremlins , and Flying Swords (and Dragons if you have already finished the mission Sister's Momento).

Description from mission log:

"Target: Find the Large High Heels at Elna Plains: Malns Hills.

Requested By Broke PI Salvatore

The cheating investigation is still on-going, but I can't find the "other woman." Can you find something that will help?"


  • 160 coins
  • 5 Rank Points