Personal Request- mission

Missions are given to you as you advance through the game. They are essentially quests that the player completes to progress through the game, gaining rank/fame points with each completed mission. Rewards are also given out upon completion of a mission, varying from mission to mission depending on location of the mission. Missions are given at the Castle Guild.

There are two basic types of missions. The first is a Combat mission, a mission that requires the player to go forth into a field, find and defeat a specific number of a certain monster . As you progress through the game, you will meet more and more monsters, each with increasing difficulty. The monsters each have their own unique drops (or none at all) and some even have a specific treasure that only that monster drops.

The next type of mission are the Find missions. These missions usually do not require you to defeat any monsters, although monsters may still attack you on your way to the target. Instead, you are called to go into a field and search for the requested item. These items will appear in the form of a floating, red exclamation mark icon outlined in blue.

Once you have completed a mission, you would either travel back to the castle or use a portal crystal to teleport directly to the castle. Once you have returned (safely) to the castle, the mission will be complete and you will receive your reward(s) directly. Keep in mind that to complete a mission, you have to fulfil all of the requirements stated in the mission and that you have to make it back to the castle without dying (you may, however, die and use Goddess's Tears and still complete the mission).

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