At the Castle Shop players can buy an assortment of Weapons, Armors, and Items or sell unwanted gear.

For completeness, the gear and items which can be found in the shop are listed here as well.  One should consult the Equipment page to see the comparison to other gear.


Weapons are sold by the Blacksmith Ganjiki: "Welcome! Only the best weapons here." Typically, weapons at the shop are inferior to weapons found from monsters.

Short Sword 1000 Start of Game
Short Sword III 4500 Defeat Chimera
Long Sword II 2000 Retrieve Promise Ring
Defender 3500 Retrieve Promise Ring
Defender II 5500 Defeat "Leonis the Whirlwind"
Short Spear       1000 Start of Game
Short Spear III       4500 Defeat Chimera
Trident II       2000 Retrieve Promise Ring
Halberd       3500 Retrieve Promise Ring
Halberd II       5500 Defeat "Leonis the Whirlwind"
Short Axe 1000 Start of Game
Short Axe III 4500 Defeat Chimera
Crescent Axe II      2000 Retrieve Promise Ring
Giant Hammer   3500 Retrieve Promise Ring
Giant Hammer II  5500 Defeat "Leonis the Whirlwind"


Armor is sold by the Armorer Pail: "Welcome! I've got what you need to stay safe."

Leather Scale 1000
Leather Scale II 3000
Leather Scale III 4000
Bishop Robe II 3000
Bishop Robe III 4000
Leather Boots 800
Leather Boots II 2400
Leather Boots III 3200
Bishop Trousers II 2400
Bishop Trousers III 3200
Leather Headgear 400
Leather Headgear II 1200
Leather Headgear III 1600
Wizard's Hat II 1200
Wizard's Hat III 1600
Leather Shield 600
Leather Shield II 1800
Leather Shield III 2400
Magic Shield II 1800
Magic Shield III 2400
Savage's Armor 2000
Savage's Boots 1600
Savage's Helmet 800
Skeleton Guard 1200


Items are sold by the Sundry Seller Anrietta: "Hello there! Need some restorative items, do you?"

Healing Tonic S 375
Healing Tonic M 750
Healing Tonic G 1500
Cure All 300


Sold items go to Sundry Seller Anrietta: "Welcome! I handle trade-ins too, you know." In the field, monsters drop miscellaneous items which have no use other than to be sold at the market for extra coins.

Weapons 100 x Rarity
Miscellaneous 1 50
Miscellaneous 2 100
Miscellaneous 3 250
Miscellaneous 4 500